• Chilling with someone special:)
  • Recording a duet with Kellin quinn!
  • Taking a pic of your best friend before he goes on stage to perform in front of Madison square garden!:)
  • Watching this is us with your BFF Harry!:)

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  • Battle Of The Ships | Round Two | Colours Galore ~black~
  • Battle Of The Ships | Round Two | Picture Perfect
  • Battle of the Ships | First Meeting | Round One
  • Battle of the Ships | Round zero | Introductions

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  • the osgood box
  • i'm watching her dance // winter fashion - yesstyle #2

  • You always mess up my mind
  • Black&white, the same thing
  • You make everything seem perfect
  • You're the one for me

  • Cause I've had my heart, Broken before. And I promised I would never let me hurt anymore.
  • When you feel you’ve had enough, and you wasted all your love, I’ll be here for you, here for you ♥
  • The truth is I'm falling to pieces, Anytime that you're around ♥
  • 'Cause now the tables turning, And now the bridge is burning, It's coming crashing down, Crashing down Over you.

  • In it to win it!
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  • haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! h8 skinny girls!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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  • &I've been waiting a long time to see you smile..

  • she's thunder and lightning.
  • the brightest witch of her age.
  • lonely hearts club.
  • we've got tonight.