• i'm leaving polyvore for a bit.
  • happy birthday chloe ~
  • i knew you were trouble when you walked in//
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  • p i n e a p p l e ♥ p a r a d i s e
  • εїз Open Your Heart εїз
  • ✾ I've got a ticket to the top of the sky ✾
  • ⋆ For some moments in life, there are no words ⋆

  • Like a Lemon
  • Something about fashion
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  • Pineapple and Squares
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  • "we go where nobody knows"
  • "I am and always be the Optimist"
  • "The Hoper of far-flung Hopes."
  • "The Dreamer of Improbable Dreams" -11th Doctor
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  • - i was praying that you and i would end up together -
  • - headlines are made of reality -
  • - make a wish, take a chance -
  • -when you look up at the sky, we'll be burning up like neon lights-

  • Gah!!! I like this feeling and at the same time I hate it!!!♥
  • Icon for my new roleplay group!
  • This is rant, don't like that, then don't read this, mkay?!
  • Having a campfire tonight and I wish he was here...

  • things are changing bro
  • Sorry for such a half-assed set, explanation in desc.
  • The Broken City Sky Like Butane On My Skin
  • Fall On Your Tongue Like Pixie Dust, Just Think Happy Thoughts

  • should I delete my account?
  • sarcasm
  • invisible
  • starry-eyed

  • this ain't a movie that I want to see, a tragic story starring you and me ♥
  • i wish i was beside you ♡
  • you're telling me how you love that song about living on a prayer, im pretty sure that were halfway there ♥
  • I wish that could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things☼♡
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