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  • she's cold and she's cruel, but she knows what she's doing.
  • i heard you say that you were writing a diary of a nobody and the pages burn right through. if you want, you can always talk to me, talk to me, 'cause i've got time for you.
  • I admit I'm a bit of a victim of the worldwide system too
  • "she's a hollywood dream staright from an a-list movie scene"
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  • If Any One Asks, Ill Tell Them We Just Grew Apart. What Do I Care If They Believe Me Or Not. Whenever I Feel Your Memory Is Breaking My Heart, Ill Pretend I'm Okay With it All, Act Like There's Nothing Wrong
  • Nobody said it was easy, its such a shame for us to part. no one ever said it would be this hard. Oh take me back to the start

  • *takes the deepest sigh*
  • did you know that gerard did some cover art for brand new??? wtf??
  • i've found a person who loves mcr as much as i do
  • hello yes where can i apply to be in a coma

  • Back from Poole. Amzing time, love you guys♡♡
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